PVC, PP, PET and metalized boxes

PVC, PP, PET and metalized boxes
Production can be performed in different dimensions by using transparent / opaque sheets and metallized cartoon with 200 to 650 microns of thickness.

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PVC Casino Decks
Flight Safety Cards
Printed PVC, PP, PET products
Plastic and Metalized Box
Transparent PVC Sticker (Affixed from inside)
Sandwich-Printed PVC Stickers
Product Stands
Magazine stands
Nonperm Sticker
Statik Sticker
Pocket Chess
Zippered Files
Embossed Products
PP Plastic Menu
Plastic Box Packaging
PP Plastic Stands
PP Covered Spiral Notebook
PVC Promotional Playing Card Decks
PVC Business card Holder
Hanger Display Stands
Opaque PVC Sticker (Affixed from Top)
One Way Vision Sticker

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